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The NFTFY Rewards is the platform that allows you to create a unique rewards system to boost your community, tokenomics and governance.

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PFP Supply Pet




Endless rewards to generate utility

  • ERC20 tokens
  • NFT fractions
  • IRL Access
  • NFT sweepstakes
  • Whitelist Access
  • Merch

and much more...

Rewards Cards

Reduce the circulation, increase the floorprice, and reward your community.

Add Sustainability

Use the Rewards Hub to strengthen your tokenomics and governance

Rewards Hub
Create with Ease

Create with Ease

Create in a few steps your own system to reward token holders or engaged members


Support members who support your project and have a really solid community


Based on portfolios or wallets, give members the option to choose which campaigns can suit them. Nobody is left out!

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The Power of Rewarding & the Accessibility of NFTFY

Reimagine your community and bring back what really matters on the web3.